Eat some wittle twees wit me
i'm always the last 2 catch up..but i've lived in the world w/ 'em 2gether for some more days...
in fact even now i don't believe. I childly thought them being 10legs dancing 2gether 5hearts beating 2gether 5voices enchanting 2gether will b the part of my life 4ever.i hoped they'll last longer than i live. They r like 1st love, 1st everything: 1st translated article, 1st chinese fanfiction, 1st asian band, 1st attempts 2 start dancing. they r a selection of wonderful memories. my 1st reaction in carrefour: beautiful...the fuck? It's a boy! Or a girl? ah, who cares?! 5 yuans per boy, 10 yuans per song. Y did i buy it? just a souvenir.. a-ha, 1/2 of my bag was this-themed souvenirs.. Smiling girl at the POS w/ a good-choice-smile. it's a tv-show?! rn't they Japanese? 1st time Chinese subtitles. 1st time on the asian internet. hm? stupid video, but the movements r captivating! hours spend trying 2 tell 1 of them from the other.. they r all the same! A! The everchanging hairstyle. Y do they have 2 dye it so often? Gosh, his ponytail is longer than mine! Long-time dark-night talking 'bout who's-not-feminine. Winglin. Stupid plot>plotwhatplot. R-rated. Imma 13-years chinese girl. Communities.memberships. Doramas at the time of managements classes. Laughing and crying. Beating senses into homophobic friends. (u hear me? Plz come back 2 ur senses!) promoting-promoting-promoting! Dislexical girl from Singapore - my best friend and second blog.. chinese-japanese-korean.. learning 2 understand.. english translation .. tai ppl - the only ununderstandable. dressing\changing hairstyle 2 b closer. checkered men shirts, waistcoats and girly tight jeans. happiness when it becomes downlowdable. y didn`t get history in japan. nevermind, just a year of waiting - turning into 2. weeks of what`s-the-point? - depression. ok, 1 more year - FINALLY - there. Xi lived in my 2nd native city!) wonder where? just several thouthand days apart. funny. 2nd time in there - y need it? must b grown up! yay!! korean sushi - it started all over again. best b-day present ever! best b-day ever! waking up to fans merchendise. photobuckets&?! rly? in the ordinary music store. ppl actully buy it? yah.. datingonearth/vacation/banjundramas/tv/livetours.. a country where they can b c-n on tv. heard on the radio. they b-coming 1 of most treasured tradition. funny laowai girl hugged set. let me draw upside-down a takashinka in yr notebook. laughing teacher. sining hug at the lesson.
yunjaechunsumin. We're breathing the same air, speaking the same thoughts, and living one dream. (c) ganbatte and hwaiting. yah! aish! hyung! dongsaeng - parts of it 4ever. 1/2 year uncertainty - after beijing - don`t mind wm b-ing apart
dunno y imma depressed mess - must b happy 4 `em b-ing free `n hardworking.knights staying the same. y?Y? cos it`s me b-ing old, grown up - and the world `round changing. it`ll pass. just few more days it`ll get better.. just
Always Keep the Faith

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